The International Education Center

The International Education Center (IEC) is an organizational and educational–scientific structural unit of Institute of Extended Education and Pre–University Training. The International Education Center (IEC) is engaged in preparation foreigners to their studies at universities of Ukraine and also for help learning Ukrainian language for foreigners, who wish to know it. The IEC was opened in 2012 on the basis of the preparatory department for foreign citizens, which operated at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv since 1975.

Objectives of the International Education Center

The main objectives and functions of the IEC are:

  • To prepare foreign students for future studying in Ukraine according to the chosen educational levels;
  • To organize educational process for international students at the IEC, prepare textbooks, manuals and other teaching materials for their studies;
  • To organize extracurricular cultural and educational activities with foreign students in order to get them acquainted with Ukrainian culture and traditions;
  • To prepare documents for accommodation of students in a dormitory and help them solve everyday issues there;
  • To conclude education (learning) contracts and monitor tuition fees;
  • To organize medical examination and provide medical treatment for students;
  • To provide assistance in entering the University;
  • To carry out passport registration of foreign students of the IEC;
  • To provide compliance with the requirements of the current Ukrainian legislation, including passport and registration work, migration and visa issues (within the competence of the IEC);
  • To contact foreign diplomatic offices and institutions of foreign states in Ukraine, Ukrainian embassies and consulates abroad and other relevant competent authorities on issues related to entering and study of international students at the IEC;
  • To participate in the organization of programs and schools for foreign students;
  • To fulfill other tasks and functions in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation, the Charter of the University and the Regulations of the Institute of Extended Education and Pre–University Training.


The employees of the IEC prepare and assist in the nostrification of education documents for foreign citizens – trainees and students of the University.


Collective of the IEC

Vira Kovalenko – head of the International Education Center

Iryna Bubriak – senior spesialist


Inviting to study the Ukrainian as a foreign language






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62-b, Pasichna str., Lviv, Ukraine

Tel.: +38 (032) 271-25-07



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