Preparatory Department for International Students

Founded initially as the Preparatory Faculty for International Students, the Preparatory Department for International Students (PDIS) has been teaching students since 1975. Presently PSIS offers programs in the Ukrainian language and a broad scope of other academic disciplines required to obtain a degree in a particular field of study, ranging from technical and natural sciences to humanities, etc. These courses are aimed at helping international students with learning the Ukrainian language and mastering professional terminology basic for a chosen major, which is highly essential for efficient social communication. Moreover, learning the Ukrainian language facilitates the familiarization of international students with Ukrainian history, culture and nation. Preparatory School also offers additional individual or group intensive language courses for those interested in conducting efficient study, research, business, etc.

We also offer a joint program with the University of Kansas (US): Language Institute of the Ukrainian Language and Culture. Here students, postgraduates and professors from leading US universities participate in a 6-week summer course of the Ukrainian language attending lectures of the University professors on actual issues of Ukrainian studies.

One of the key directions of the Center’s work is testing Ukrainian as a foreign language. This testing is conducted under language standards with the tests created by University professors. All-comers eager to test their command in the Ukrainian language can do it at the Testing Department of Ukrainian as a Foreign Language and obtain an appropriate certificate, authenticating the level of language command and enabling educational, commercial, consultative or any other legal activity on the territory of Ukraine.